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F&G Alarm Rationalisation

Optimising F&G alarm system design is important to facilitate accurate and timely fault prompting and diagnosis to operators, ensuring more effective plant management.

Alarm rationalisation for both new and existing F&G installations can be an arduous but necessary process requiring review of every alarm within a system for its veracity & suitability. Unnecessary alarms greatly reduce the effectiveness of control room operators, and further compromise their ability to address critical alarms which can be extremely costly.

It is important to acknowledge that failure to manage alarms properly undermines the operator, the safety case and plant safety. By having a robust alarm management system in place, the operator has the best chance of taking the correct action when required.

Global TechSafety are compliant with IEC 62682 / ISA 18.2 standards and adhere to the EEMUA 191 guidelines.

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