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Aspiration Smoke Detection (VESDA) design

Aspiration smoke detection systems are very early warning smoke detection systems which provide continuous air sampling through a piping network located within the room or area that requires coverage. These systems provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard, allowing for the critical time required to investigate an alarm and initiate the appropriate response to prevent injury and damage to the asset and the environment. 

It’s vital for these systems to be designed using the appropriate software application tools so that the system meets regulatory standards and codes.

Global TechSafety are trained and certified in the use of appropriate design application and piping software packages. Our systems are designed, installed, tested, and commissioned to the regulatory codes and standards such as EN54-20, BS6266 NFPA 72 and the Fire Industry Association COP for ASD systems.

Aspirating Smoke Detector 

  • System Design Studies. 

  • Site Surveys 

  • Software Application Design Configuration 

  • Software Piping Layouts Design 

  • Development of Planned Maintenance Routines 

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