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Fire & Gas Mapping

Fire and gas detection systems are an essential safety system within Oil and Gas and Chemical  processing facilities; they protect people, the environment and the asset. They also provide early warning of hazardous situations. Detecting such events is important to alert personnel and prevent escalation. 

These systems are often designed with a poor understanding of the quantifiable Hazards involved. While detector reliability might be very high, the safety performance of a F&G system strongly depends on layout and coverage. 

The software Insight Numerics Detect3D is unique among F&G software which has been used on projects worldwide for BP, Shell, Petronas, ADNOC, GASCO, Maersk, Apache and many more. It works directly with project CAD files, and accounts for the effect of all geometric challenges on the detectors, such as obstructing a flame detector’s field-of-view.


  • Detect3D is the only validated Fire and Gas Mapping software on the Market

  • Seamless integration with CAD files (DGN, DWG, OBJ and more…), even Navisworks

  • Make use of Detect3D’s optimization capability to determine the optimal positions of devices to reduce detector count while maximizing coverage.

  • Detect3D can be used with all manufacturers Fire detector makes and models.

  • The layout can be improved manually, using the “detector ranking” tool, or using optimization

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